What experience tells us is guests want a little luxury. Owning a rental property is a fantastic asset and with a little work to enhance and renovate, yours can earn you an impressive income.

To add that special something to our homes, we like to make a few changes to all of our properties. We know what works and we don’t shy away from modern luxuries. Technology is a must in a modern rental and we give guests multiple TV options, voice control and music. A hot tub is a must, and the final flourish is our signature custom-built teppanyaki tables. Whether we are managing a property or subleasing, we add as many of these signature features to our homes as we can. 

Our service includes an in-house construction team led by a registered building contractor.

Why work with us to manage your Airbnb rental? After all, this is something you can do yourself. The difference is, we like our homes to be a cut above. We are selective about our properties, and we invest in our homes; bringing them up to a superior standard.

Our in-house interior designer assesses every new rental, looking for ways to make Ohana homes stand out from the rest. If we think your investment property could benefit from a few changes our registered building contractor manages the project, ensuring quality workmanship for stunning results.

In some cases, we have invested thousands giving a property that edge over other holiday rentals. And the payoff for you is higher occupancy and a better, more consistent ROI.

It’s in our interests to keep your property looking its best and we commit to keeping all our homes sale-ready at any time.

“Amazing home with high quality house ammenities with smart devices all around and the hot tub was a lovely touch to the accommodation. Would have loved to stay longer so will definitely rebook for future travels.”

– Daisy