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Auckland Airbnb Management

Are you an Aucklander with a investment property? Short-term renting is by far the most profitable investment strategy right now!

Discover the untapped potential of short-term rentals in Auckland, a strategy that’s proving to be three to four times more profitable than traditional long-term renting. In today’s dynamic market, short-term renting through platforms like Airbnb is the most lucrative investment opportunity for property owners.

While traditional long-term property managers may charge between 8.5% to 12% in fees, alongside additional expenses for credit checks, advertising, and payment handling, isn’t it wiser to invest that 12% back into your property for higher returns?

Choose Ohana, Auckland’s leading Airbnb management service, to maximize your investment returns without the hefty fees associated with long-term rentals. Don’t settle for less; ensure your property achieves maximum profitability with expert management from Ohana.

Why Airbnb?

One of the biggest misconceptions about Airbnb is that it’s risky

Here’s what we say about the common Airbnb myths

Financial risk

Since we began working with Airbnb we have never earned less per week than what long-term renting would secure. In fact, generally our properties earn 2-3 times the amount you could earn from long-term renting.

Property damage

With the right communication and vetting, property damage is also easily avoided. We help and encourage all our clients to install simple, affordable cameras. And a video doorbell captures every guest who’s coming and going. We work hard to ensure your property is kept in re-sellable condition all year long.

How we keep your property and guests safe:
  • Comprehensive guest vetting process
  • Regular visits to the home and active communication with guests
  • Smart security camera technology
  • Decibel monitoring to ensure no excessive noise
  • Clear house rules to protect the property and neighbours