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Energise your rental property with our Long-Term Rental Management Services.

We deal with all the admin and work that’s involved in renting out your property. Leave it with us!

Long-term renting is a great option when it comes to getting your property to become an investment for you.

They usually range anywhere from a couple of weeks to 6 months, sometimes more, and are an easy way to guarantee constant income without the hassle of trying to fill the property every few days.

Don’t settle, we want your property to return maximum profit.

Why partner with Ohana long-term?

After all, isn’t this is something you could do yourself?
The difference is, we like our homes to be a cut above. We are selective about our properties, and we invest in our homes; bringing them up to a superior standard. We ensure tenants pay on time and that the property is well looked after all while making the process hassle-free and taking on the responsibilities of the property so that you don’t have to. We are committed to keeping your property sale-ready at all times and we’ll take care of it like it’s our own. To help with this, Ohana has a very in depth process when it comes to accepting or declining tenants meaning we can ensure the right people are in your properties which helps us keep it in top condition throughout the rental.

How do you get started with Ohana?

1. Meet with our team

First we meet with you to discuss how Ohana can help you. If it’s a good fit, all we need is property information and we’ll schedule a property assessment.

2. Enhance and improve

Our interior designer and renovation team manage improvements to the property to maximise its appeal.

3. Create a property profile

After we assess the property and get professional photos, our team creates your property profile. This gets your home in front of 1 Billion+ users across each listing channel.

4. Leave the work to us

That’s it! We will handle the property going forward. You’ll be able to block off any dates for personal use and we’ll update you on progress so you can see how well your property is doing.

Property damage

Here’s what we say about the common Airbnb myths

With the right communication and vetting, property damage is also easily avoided. We help and encourage all our clients to install simple, affordable cameras. And a video doorbell captures every guest who’s coming and going. We work hard to ensure your property is kept in re-sellable condition all year long

How we keep your property and guests safe:
  • Comprehensive guest vetting process
  • Regular visits to the home and active communication with guests
  • Smart security camera technology
  • Decibel monitoring to ensure no excessive noise
  • Clear house rules to protect the property and neighbours