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Client Case Study – Dion

Christchurch property owner Dion owns four residential homes and enjoys excellent short-term rental returns and stress-free management with the help of the Ohana team.

Why did you choose to work with Ohana?

The Airbnb model really works for me and the team from Ohana know what they are doing with short-term rentals. They make sure the homes are top quality, and they make the whole thing hassle-free for me. I leave them to it!

Why do you think Airbnb is a good choice?

Short-term rental just makes sense to me. Long-term rentals come with hassles that can be costly to resolve. We get to avoid all that plus the returns from holiday rentals are better.

How has Ohana helped you?

They have handled it all really. It’s a very professional service. Their team furnished and sourced the accessories for the homes, so they are well presented and appealing. They took the photos, created the listings and they manage all the day-to-day running. I hear from them every now and then but basically, they just get on and do it. It’s so easy.

What makes Ohana homes stand out from the rest?

The focus on top quality homes and they know what guests want. Like the spa pools for example, that just adds that next level of luxury for people. And they do the little things like leaving a bottle of wine or chocolates. The small things make a big difference.

What happens if there’s a problem at one of your properties?

I hardly hear from Ohana. If I do, generally they are just running something past me for approval. They have good processes in place, and they’re careful about safety and security of guests and looking after the homes. If there are any little problems, they take care of it, and I don’t need to do anything. I’m very happy with the service.

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