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Client Case Study – Ross

Property owner Ross rented his Christchurch apartment to professional tenants Ohana, 12 months later he says he could not ask for more from a tenant.

Why did you choose to rent your apartment to Ohana?

We knew the Ohana team and when we purchased the property, they approached me about becoming our tenant.

Did they make any alterations to the property?

They added the Teppanyaki table and a spa pool, plus the Smart electronics and security system. They also had their interior designer come in and look over the décor and make any changes they thought it needed.

Why does renting to Ohana work for you?

They do exactly what they say they will do. The rent is always paid, and they want the property to look as good as we do, so we know they’re looking after it.

How much involvement do you have?

Very little. It’s just easy. Because it’s an apartment complex, we have things we need to do as part of the resident’s association, but apart from that it’s taken care of, we are very happy with the way it’s ticking along.

What’s your overall impressions of working with Ohana?

It’s very good. We have purchased another apartment which will be completed later in the year, and we hope to talk to Ohana about renting that property too.

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